Syariah Family Law

  • Syariah Divorce
  • Division Of Matrimonial
  • Assets
  • Child Custody
  • Personal Protection Order
  • Maintenance For Spouse &
  • Children

Divorce is a difficult decision. We understand the emotional situation you are in. At Emerald Law, our lawyers who specialise in Syariah Divorce will advise you on the divorce procedure in the Syariah Courts of Singapore, your legal rights and obligations, the issues surrounding the custody of your children and the division of your matrimonial assets. There are 4 types of divorce under the Muslim Law Act, they are:

  • Talak
  • Khuluk
  • Taklik
  • Fasakh

Each type of divorce are different and the method to be used depends on factors such as whether it is the husband or the wife is seeking the divorce. The process can be tedious, but do rest assured that we’re here with you every step of the way. For more commonly asked questions

Muslim Inheritance Law

  • Wills/Wasiat
  • Nuzriah & Hibah

The principles guiding Islamic Inheritance Law helps to ensure that the wealth or estate transferred is in accordance with the giver or deceased’s wishes and, more importantly, in accordance with the Syariah also complying with Singapore’s legal system.