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Divorce is a difficult decision. We understand the emotional situation you are in. At Emerald Law, our lawyers who specialise in Syariah Divorce will advise you on the divorce procedure in the Syariah Courts of Singapore, your legal rights and obligations, the issues surrounding the custody of your children and the division of your matrimonial assets.

Syariah Divorce

Division of Matrimonial Assets

Personal Protection

Maintainance for Spouse & Children

Child Custody

4 Types of Divorce under Muslim Law Act

Each type of divorce are different and the method to be used depends on factors such as whether it is the husband or the wife is seeking the divorce. The process can be tedious, but do rest assured that we’re here with you every step of the way. For more commonly asked questions



A Muslim divorce that is effected by the simple act of the husband's rejecting the wife.



Divorce by paying compensation/redemption to your husband.



A condition made by the wife which acts as her safeguard throughout the marriage.



Dissolution of the marriage by judicial decree

Estate Planning

Faraidh deals with how the assets and estate of a deceased muslim person should be distributed to his/her beneficiaries. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Come by for a free first consultation. It is for us to discuss your matter briefly and to provide you with a general overview.

Generally, it may take between four months to a year.

You may proceed to the Syariah Court and obtain a Certificate of Revocation. It is best to check with the court as sometimes there may be a need for you to remarry.

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Compassionate and caring, fully committed to the well being of my case with professionalism. Mr Rizuan is very knowledgeable and resourceful.

Rudino Ridzuan

Rizuan is very knowledgeable in the field. He has helped me to understand the process of divorces when I was lost. Even went out of his way to give advice...

Rahmat Tahir

I took Mr Rizuan as my divorce lawyer to handle my case as I am not sure of how to go about it. He was very professional and helped me through fir like what I should do...

Nur Hasheena Sonny

Mr Rizuan and Team, very professional and able to answer all of my doubts and inquries. My case is very straightforward and it was handled smoothly by them.

Suria Begum D/O Idris Ali

Mr Rizuan and Team very friendly and professional. 10/10 services from them as they helped out at every step. Helping me understand my situation around the law.

Muhammad Syafiq Bin Mohd Safian

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